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2BET2 enters into distribution agreement with Playphone

2BET2 has entered into a content license agreement with Playphone Inc whereby it will develop apps integrated with the Playphone game system for inclusion in bundles that are supplied through operators portals and pre-installed on phones.

Playphone is a leading supplier of games for mobile phones and provides access to over 800 Million mobile phone users through their agreements with operators such as Verizon, Claro (Brazil) and Singtel.  By integrating the Playphone API into 2BET2 games 2BET2 gain access to these customers through Playphone’s games store.

PlayPhone’s alternative-games-only app store promises developers better distribution and discovery, and a means of reaching potential customers who don’t have credit cards, through direct carrier billing. The store combines what PlayPhone knows about its users and what data the carriers have on file to surface participating games in a way that it claims is both more organic and more accurate than Google Play.

2BET2 expects to launch its first Playphone compatible game in early 2014.